Maryland State Education Association

Maryland State Education Association

Organizational Specialist
ESP Organizing & Statewide Program Lead

Based in Annapolis, MD


PROGRAM: Center for Affiliates & Advocacy (CAA)
POSITION TITLE: Organizational Specialist – ESP Organizing & Statewide Program Lead
AUTHORITY AND RELATIONSHIPS: Reports to designated CAA Managing Director

Job Definition
This position is a strategic leadership role that works as the hands-on organizational specialist for internal and external ESP organizing and program development that shapes MSEA’s statewide ESP program in conjunction with the field management team. This position requires strong interpersonal skills that are utilized to work collaboratively with UniServ staff to organize new locals and increase local membership. The incumbent will have strong data collection and data presentation skills. This position collaboratively plans, organizes and implements all ESP campaigns across the state. The incumbent will routinely prepare reports for the CAA Assistant Executive Director and CAA Managing Director on the status of all organizing campaigns. Moreover, this position requires the ability to create and manage a statewide program plan for ESP members that includes state and national trainings and ESP staff meetings that includes staff across the state and CAA management. This position will also serve as the staff liaison to the MSEA ESP Organizing Committee.

Responsibility Summary

  • Creates and updates an organization-wide ESP organizing plan.
  • Creates and oversees a system for identifying viable organizing targets.
  • Identifies viable targets for organizing and designs and recommends effective organizing plans/strategies.
  • Conducts direct organizing.
  • Provides accurate, relevant, and timely information and updates to management and staff regarding the ESP organizing agenda and activities.
  • Executes individual organizing initiatives according to an agenda that is approved by management.
  • Leads the coordination of all ESP external organizing-related activities within the Center for Affiliates & Advocacy.
  • Operates within the confines of the appropriate budgets.
  • Works to ensure that an effective and cooperative staff team effort is achieved when conducting organizing campaigns.
  • Develops and maintains an ESP statewide program that has a sharp focus on professional development and association training.
  • Partners with MSEA Communications in developing communications pieces for internal/external organizing and program development campaigns.
  • Develops and presents training modules for schools at MSEA’s Annual Summer Leadership Conference. Works in coordination with other CAA staff to plan, coordinate, and deliver the Annual ESP Professional Development Workshop.
  • Conducts speaking engagements with targeted locals, MSEA members, and staff groups.
  • Performs other leadership, professional, and staff services as may be assigned by the CAA Managing Director, Assistant Executive Director for CAA, or MSEA Executive Director.
  • Serves as staff liaison to the MSEA ESP Organizing Committee.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Knowledge of organizing laws, regulations, precedents, protocols, and procedures and advanced principles, methods, and practices of labor relations administration and associated proceedings.
  • Knowledge of the general standards that universally apply to organizing activities and ethics.
  • Knowledge of the values, goals and mission of MSEA, tenets of unionism, and the current core issues that resonate within MSEA’s ESP members and potential members.
  • Knowledge of union contract structures, the labor movement, and common union issues in collective bargaining and finalizing agreements.
  • Knowledge of collaborative practices and techniques including general systems approaches applied in the accomplishment of initiatives.
  • Application skills in the use of computer software such as Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.
  • Knowledge of training methods and techniques that facilitate a high level of training delivery.
  • Possession of the mental and interpersonal aptitudes and skills that lend to carrying-out effective organizing, mediation, and member engagement initiatives.
  • Possession of strong analytical, problem-solving, diagnostic, and responsiveness skills.
  • Mastery of verbal (both in dialogue and group presentation) and professionally written communications skills.
  • Skills that have been well developed in effective listening, strategic thinking, advocacy, time management, observation, eliciting information, persuasion, and influencing.
  • Skill in recognizing those who have potential to be union leaders, and in mobilizing and rallying key players in targeted groups.
  • Skill in effective organization of work and independently handling multiple priorities over the same time period.
  • Skill in handling interpersonal disputes and minimizing the effects of conflict on future interactions and job effectiveness.
  • Ability to support and defend a cause, particularly in the face of pressure, stress, and adversity.
  • Ability to promote and deliver programs to raise awareness of Association functions and services.
  • Ability to assess conditions quickly amid confrontation and organize and integrate diverse information in a meaningful fashion in order to prescriptively sequence and path future events.
  • Ability to work cohesively and productively in a team-oriented environment.
  • Ability to assess interpersonal dynamics, bases of influence, undisclosed agenda, and motives of key players, spokespersons, or opponent advocates in group meetings by reacting responsibly, quickly, and decisively to the issues put forth or the observed challenges.
  • Ability to establish, foster, and maintain effective working relationships within and outside MSEA and consult effectively with staff, members, leaders, and at all levels of Association governance and management.
  • Ability to deliver quality training, develop course content, and administer training programs.
  • Ability and willingness to work long and arduous hours at locations throughout the state.
  • Possession of attributes reflective of a leader supporting the values, goals and mission of MSEA, which includes the tenets of unionism, quality education, and appropriate compensation, professional development, and working conditions for all MSEA membership categories.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license that complies with the state of Maryland.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Education, Experience, and Special Requirements
A Bachelor’s Degree in Labor Relations or a related field and five years of progressively responsible professional experience is required. Advanced degree in a related field is preferred. Extensive experience in organizing is necessary.

To Apply
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