Montgomery County Education Association

Montgomery County Education Association

Executive Assistant
Field Operations

Based in Rockville, MD


The Montgomery County Education Association is searching for a talented, motivated, and cause-driven individual to serve in an Executive Assistant (EA) role directly reporting to and supporting the Field Director to help her and the organization advance critical organizational initiatives that support the growth and development of our members.

This EA position provides a highly challenging and intellectually engaging environment, offers diversity in topics across a range of areas, provides the opportunity to meet and interact with members leaders, offers a continuous opportunity to learn, and provides what in today’s world is the unique combination of organizational stability and being part of a great team of people working to advance an important cause.

The EA works shoulder-to-shoulder with the Field Director and a team of UniServ Directors daily. The EA’s role varies widely in scope, providing confidential personnel support to the Field Director, providing administrative support to the field team, as well as managing the Sick Leave and Family Medical Crisis Leave Bank Committees.

The EA's role is based in Rockville, MD. A great emphasis is placed on a candidate’s personal chemistry and fit with the Field Director, as well as alignment of social purpose, work ethic, and intensity. Chemistry and fit with other MCEA team members are important as well. This is not a 9-5 position. After hours availability and responsiveness are both expected and required.

The EA is a support role with a wide range of responsibilities, influence, and interaction, and is designed to maximize the Field Director’s effectiveness in several essential areas necessary for organizational success. Top responsibilities include:

  1. Supporting the Field Director
    • Be proactive in helping the Field Director focus their time and attention on the highest value activities.
    • Work with Field Director to develop smart scheduling systems that proactively map areas in need of their attention.
    • Effectively support field priorities to meet the outcomes we need. Examples: Town Hall logistical planning, coordination, and set up.
    • Create written plans for each of these key initiatives, make a timeline of necessary activities, track and communicate progress to date.
    • Upon request, draft compelling first versions of memos and communications to the UniServ team. These start with a discussion on overall direction, then EA creates the draft for review (includes Word docs, PPTs, etc.).
    • Copy edit and proofread all written communications.
    • Create and manage a system of follow up after meetings, etc. through template creation, writing, etc.
    • Take notes in meetings, identify action items, track progress.
    • Assist with member communications as assigned.
    • Assist Field Director with HR functions for team, including preparing personnel documents and tracking of pertinent information.
  2. Supporting UniServ Operations
    • Providing clerical support as needed (i.e., copying, data entry, mass mailings, ordering food, supplies, etc.).
    • Regular data entry into various databases.
    • Regular maintenance and updates to the Leadership Network Document
    • Organize and manage data, information, and communication to/from the field to members.
    • Train staff members on how to access and use data, information, and communication systems.
    • Produce data reports as requested from Unionware.
    • Administrative support for Representation and PAR as assigned.
    • Ordering supplies using internal protocols.
    • Other administrative support for field team as assigned.
  3. Supporting the Sick Leave and Family Medical Crisis Leave Banks
    • Respond to all sick leave bank inquiries.
    • Prepares all sick leave applications to be reviewed by the sick leave bank committee.
    • Meets with and develops working relationships with the sick leave bank committee on a bi-weekly basis.
    • Follows up with letters of approval and denial to members after SLB meetings.
    • Follows up with brief phone calls to members as determined by UD.
    • Track sick leave bank data digitally.
    • Be able to train others to support these (SLB/FMCLB) committees.
  4. Provide Help Desk Support
    • Answer basic questions for members.
    • Triage and distribute emails and calls to the appropriate team members.
    • Document information in Unionware as assigned.
  5. Assist with New Educator Orientation
    • Coordinate with UD assigned to NEO for meeting schedule around prep work for NEO
    • Order food for the meeting for NEO prep work
    • Send supply requests to the appropriate department(s) for NEO materials (i.e. shirts, flyers, pens, folders, giveaways etc.)
    • Attend meeting if required for logistical purposes.
    • Prep folders for NEO week
    • Coordinate with UD assigned to make sure that you are including all required and requested documents in the folders.
    • Request help from ALL staff to put folders together for NEO.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Ability to work independently and proactively, with attention to detail, while also incorporating feedback
  • Ability to organize and coordinate major projects, through completion.
  • Ability to critically review source data, detect and correct errors.
  • Advanced English, spelling, punctuation, grammatical, vocabulary and proofreading skills
  • Ability to work effectively with employees, members, and the public.
  • Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.
  • Advanced computer operating skills – familiarity with Microsoft Office suite, Google suite, and Zoom are a must. Experience with Unionware, VAN, and other digital platforms preferred.
  • Interpersonal and problem-solving skills including the ability to provide leadership and technical assistance to others.
  • Ability to organize, schedule work and follow instructions.
  • Ability to make non-routine decisions using sound professional judgement.
  • A strong work ethic and the ability to work long and irregular hours in pursuit of building a strong union.


  • Bachelor's Degree or a minimum of four (4) years’ experience in an Executive Assistant role.

To Apply:
Please send application to Lindsay Barrett c/o Mary Neal at: mneal@mceanea.org.

WHEN APPLYING: Be sure to indicate that you saw this information at UNIONJOBS.COM.