Carolina Federation

Carolina Federation

Lead Political Organizer

Based in Guilford County, NC


The Carolina Federation seeks a Lead Political Organizer to lead countywide electoral and platform-building work from 2021-2022 in Guilford County.

About the Carolina Federation
The Carolina Federation is a statewide organization that brings local people together across race and the rural-urban divide to build political and electoral power in their own communities and across North Carolina.

At a time when the right-wing still holds power in North Carolina and far too many campaigns overlook the importance of long-term investment in local communities, we are developing a bold approach to multi-racial organizing and voter engagement for our state. Our approach to building power is defined by our relentless commitment to bringing new people into political action, our deep investment in local leadership and our intentional integration of cultural work with community and electoral organizing. By unleashing the full potential of our diverse communities we can create real change in the lives of our people, win elections that were previously unwinnable and transform the political terrain. By rooting ourselves in our movement traditions, our grassroots democratic practice and our solidarity with each other, we can dismantle the concentrated corporate power that seeks to control our government and our economy.

About Guilford for All
Guilford for All is a local chapter of the Carolina Federation.

Through building the grassroots political power of Guilford County residents, Guilford For All will make structural and policy changes at the ballot box and in the streets through building leadership, winning change people can feel, and governing with the people.

Guilford For All is a group of people who got together with the idea that Guilford County could be a better place for our families and communities. We believe the only way to make it better is by working across the lines we’ve been told should divide us: race, how much money we make, how we worship, who we love, where we’re from, or how we got here.

Our Challenge and Opportunity
Over the past two years, we have launched three new county-based chapters, trained hundreds of member leaders in our core organizing principles, and built the largest volunteer-driven electoral effort in North Carolina outside of the major political parties.

While we are incredibly proud of these successes, we also know that the work of our first two years is only the beginning of our effort to fundamentally change the direction of our state. North Carolina remains a key national battleground between the white nationalist infused right-wing and our vision of multi-racial, progressive left populism. With right-wing Republicans still firmly entrenched in the North Carolina General Assembly, we know that breaking the right’s governing power is necessary but not sufficient. In order to win a North Carolina that works for the many, not the few, we will need to organize a massive voting block of the multiracial working class; build a shared vision for our state’s future; then recruit and elect candidates committed to that vision.

We know that we are contesting not only for the survival and flourishing of our own people but also for the future of the South and of our nation.

Lead Political Organizer Responsibilities
In this moment of both challenge and opportunity, we are looking to bring on two Lead Political Organizers to lead our political work in 2021-2022.

We are seeking Lead Political Organizers who would:

  • be thrilled to be part of growing and innovative independent political organization
  • fit our culture of courageous leadership and playful camaraderie, and
  • share a deep love for people and a ferocious commitment to power and transformation.

Broadly, each Lead Political Organizer will be responsible for the following:

  • Leading our political work for a full county from 2021-2022, including:
    • Our statewide platform process (2021)
    • Municipal elections (2021 or 2022, depending on redistricting timeline)
    • State Legislative elections (2022)
  • Supporting chapter leadership to identify and recruit candidates who share our movement politics
  • Coordinating our slate of local candidates, including facilitating weekly candidate meetings to align communications, fundraising, and political strategies
  • Recruiting, training, and leading volunteer teams, including a countywide phonebank team, a countywide texting team, and several canvass teams at the district or neighborhood level
  • Leading these volunteer teams in canvassing, phonebanking, and texting to build a voting block of thousands of people for our multiracial populist platform and candidates
  • Working closely with the leadership of our local chapter - in particular, the volunteer Steering Committee and the Regional Organizer - to ensure that political work aligns with the chapter’s strategic vision and base-building work

Lead Political Organizer Position Details
These are full-time, salaried positions with a compensation range of $45,000 to $50,000 a year equivalent (based on experience), as well as employer-based healthcare. We are hiring these two Lead Political Organizers for a year and a half, from July 2021 through the end of November 2022.

The ideal candidate would live in or near Guilford County.

Lead Political Organizers will report to the Movement Politics Director. Support structures will include a weekly one-to-one; daily team check-ins; and regular training, coaching, and debriefs.

As our electoral work heats up, this position will require the challenging schedule of most political campaigns, with six-day weeks that include Saturdays and Sundays, work hours lasting into the evenings, and even longer weeks and days in the final Get Out The Vote period. We know from experience that this level of rigor and discipline is necessary when we are up against entrenched corporate interests that deploy vast resources and ruthless tactics against our movements. It is important to us to be honest about the intensity of this work, at the same time as we strive to build the structures for our team to have meaningful support and real opportunities for rest.

Qualities We’re Looking For In Our Lead Political Organizers
Our organization values the recruitment of staff with strong political alignment and key leadership qualities that match both the role and the kind of work we do. This is because we believe that skills and competencies can be taught, while values, alignment, and leadership qualities are more deeply ingrained. Because the work we do is political, fast-paced, deeply relational, and about power, we look for many of the following qualities:

  • Politically Clear: You know why building power through elections, issue campaigns, and transformative organizing is essential. You are convinced that racial, economic, gender, and environmental justice are what we need and you lift up the leadership and dignity of working-class people and people of color.
  • A Leader Who Unleashes More Leadership: You take responsibility for motivating others, coordinating effective collective action and building powerful teams -- even in the face of obstacles. But most of all you unleash leadership in others, igniting responsibility and ownership in those you lead.
  • Interdependent: You bring your best, rely on the strengths of others, and know that we are responsible for each other’s well-being.
  • Courageous and Determined: You draw from deep values and beliefs so you continue to take action towards goals, even in the face of change, fear, loss, conflict, and uncertainty
  • Ambitious, Innovative, Relentless: You believe that you and others are capable of greatness. You believe not only that we can win but that we have a duty to win. When things get difficult you get creative and keep trying and learning until we succeed.

The Skills and Competencies We’re Looking for in Our Lead Political Organizers
These are the skills and competencies that we are looking for in our Lead Political Organizers:

  • A core commitment to building power through elections, issue campaigns, and organizing, centered around the leadership of working-class people and people of color.
  • Significant experience recruiting, building, and leading volunteer teams engaged in direct voter contact (canvassing and/or phonebanking).
  • At least 1-2 cycles of electoral organizing experience, or comparable experience in labor, community, or movement organizing. The ideal candidate will either have prior experience as a Regional Field Director (or comparable position), or as an exceptionally strong organizer.
  • A desire to learn and grow as an organizer and a leader.

In addition, the following are beneficial but not required:

  • Experience with one or more of the following other aspects of campaign work: communications, fundraising, candidate recruitment, securing endorsements, or event planning.
  • Familiarity with the local political landscape in Guilford County

How to Apply
Please upload a cover letter, résumé, and at least three references to: jobs@carolinafederation.org.

In your email or cover letter, please include how you heard about this position.

WHEN APPLYING: Be sure to indicate that you saw this information at UNIONJOBS.COM.