ALU - Amazon Labor Union

Amazon Labor Union

ALU JFK8 Organizer

Based in the New York City, NY Area


Overall Description
The key function and purpose of organizing in general and at JFK8 is building and sustaining a strike-ready union is to achieve measurable, quantifiable power to force the Amazon to share a robust portion of their wealth and respect the intelligence of workers in the production process. Organizers devote most of their time and resources engaging workers with a determined focus on those who least want to engage with the union. The objective is to build working class organization with no less than supermajority active participation and unity across the workplace. This unity and participation is demonstratable, strike-ready and sustainable.

Accountability and Authority
This position reports to the President and/or their named designee specifically, and the executive board generally. This position relates primarily to and helps drive the organizing program. They are charged with developing highly functioning worker engagement systems, creating, and maintaining workplace, departmental and shift-based charting and tracking systems, and presenting campaign-specific proposals to their direct report and the executive board. The focus now is on coordinating the first contract and recognition fight, as well as ensuring the tight integration of the broader goals of the union with frontline workers.

Responsibilities Include

  • Teaching ALU members and potential members how to build their union strong through devising regular structure tests (mini campaigns with issue-specific and worksite power building objectives).
  • Work well with the senior and executive teams to convey the overall goals and vision of and to the union.
  • Implements effective daily/weekly turf/work plans.
  • Correctly identifies issues important to workers.
  • Plan and implement effective worksite action.
  • Balances conflicting work demands.
  • Contributes positively to developing plans/strategic thinking.
  • Inspires, motivates, and moves workers.
  • Establish and maintain a robust member organizer program.
  • Builds respectful relationships with people unlike him/herself.
  • Effectively inoculates workers against boss’s campaign.
  • Involves leaders in efforts to combat employer campaign.
  • Collaborate with the Data Coordinator to maintain the member/non-member database updated with all relevant information, particularly participation in structure tests.
  • Maintain accurate lists and charts of the piece of any campaign the organizer is working on.
  • Contribute to a positive atmosphere with members, leaders, and all regular and visiting staff and volunteers
  • Be able to effectively agitate, educate, inoculate, and inspire not-yet-union workers.

Skill and Experience Requirements

  1. Has direct experience leading victorious NLRB elections (or card check campaigns), and then leading workers through the first contract campaign.
  2. Has direct experience leading successful strikes.
  3. Understands how to identify organic (pre-existing) leaders.
  4. Able to recruit, and effectively assess and test leaders.
  5. Develops increasing commitment from leaders.
  6. Has mastered and can teach workers a 6-step organizing conversation.
  7. Can teach workers how to chart facilities and other worker information (worker database, contact sheets, work plans, etc.) accurately and on-going.
  8. Understands employer campaign elements.
  9. Anticipates and prepares workers for employer tactics.

Salary range: $37,000 to $75,000

A Job Well Done in Organizing Looks Like
Organizing plans reflect creative thinking and the overall goals of building measurable power by organizing workers. Workers are effectively trained and developed to be leaders in their facilities and in their communities. ALU’s member organizers, activists and members can communicate the vision of their union. Workplaces maintain high participation year-round. Conversations among and between workers reflect an understanding of the power relationship between management, the working class, and union members.

(First résumé review on August 15)

Apply Here: organizer@amazonlaborunion.org

WHEN APPLYING: Be sure to indicate that you saw this information at UNIONJOBS.COM.